Bella Princess Parties can be conveniently brought to your location!
We come from Bloomfield, New Jersey
Princess Karissa - Is a college student studying to be an elementary school teacher. She can perform as Beauty from Beauty and the Beast, Fairy Princess, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Dorothy and Arabian Princess .

Why can't you offer Disney characters? 

We don't offer Disney characters because we do not offer any copyrighted characters.  Our characters are only from uncopyrighted fables or legends.  If our characters look similar to media characters, look no further than the original tales they come from. Companies such as Disney often embellish on the original intended design of a character from a fable or fairytale. Therefore, when we create our costumes, we return to the original media for design inspiration. You will find that children often cannot tell the difference. If they see a blonde woman in a blue dress, they will probably think of Cinderella, even if the dress was a store-bought prom dress. We understand that you want your child to have a realistic princess at your party and we will do our best to make sure that they believe they have been visited by a "real" princess. But we cannot offer copyrighted designs of any kind. We can only serve customers who understand that we don't offer copyrighted characters. If you NEED a copyrighted character, you can try contacting the copyright holder. 

Do you just do kids' parties?

Of course not! We will send a character to parties for those of all ages. You can also hire us for grand openings, weddings, honeymoons, random parties..anything you can think up! We also volunteer at clinics, hospitals, daycares and charity events. We DO NOT, however, perform for or attend any events of an "adult" nature.

Do I have to tip the performer?

You are not required to tip our actors, but it is greatly appreciated! Please note that what you pay for your character visit goes toward gas, our new-costume fund and equipment before our actors get their pay. Just like tipping the wait-staff at a restaurant for good service, it is customary to tip character performers.

Why are your parties only 1 or 2 hrs long?

Children are full of energy and don't like to focus for long periods of time. Keeping them occupied with certain activities will appease them for a while, but eventually we reach a melting point. We understand your child wants to open and play with their gifts and may get antsy after a time. We have found that 1-2 hours of character time is plenty to get everyone having fun and gives them enough stimulation to allow them to calm down later.

Where will the pictures/video you take end up?

Your child's safety and well-being is incredibly important to us, therefore we do not share any personal information about you or your child. Pictures will be posted in our Gallery and possibly here on this site, but will not be placed on any outside sources without express written permission from the parents. Outside sources include social networking sites, image sharing sites and costuming sites. Your child's image WILL NOT be placed in any of these places without written permission and will only be used for promotional purposes on this site and in the Gallery. We do reserve the right to post the photos on any site without written permission, but in such a case we will blur your child's face or crop them from the picture. We do reserve the right to post videos on hosting sites such as YouTube, which will allow us to embed them on our site, but no personal information will be shared.

Dreams do...
Come True!
Invite a real fairy tale princess or prince to your event! We recommend you ask your child to tell you or draw out their dream fairy tale character. Imagine their surprise when their imagination comes to life!!!  

We understand that the appearance and quality of our costumes are key in the development of a lovely and delightful party. That's why our princesses costumes are hand picked with the highest quality materials and products. Each and every costume is exclusive and uniquely designed.

We encourage you to research other NJ/NYC Princess Costume Character companies and compare.  You may choose your character and based on who portrays that character the best and their availability we will choose the performer.   If you choose one or more of our characters you will not be disappointed.   We place multi-talented professional performers in your event. Our performers will take your guests on a magical journey. 
Our Male Performers
Princess Nancy can perform as The Frog Princess and the Arabian Princess.
Princess Lisa is an accountant by day and a princess by night.  she can perform as Sleeping Beauty, Barbie, Green Pixie Fairy, Alice in wonderland and many more...                      
Princess Chelsea is a professional ballroom dancer & can perform as Snow White, Strawberry Shortcake, Fancy Nancy, Mermaid & many more.

Princess Laura is an actress and she can perform as pinkalicious, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and many more...
Princess Sarah is a professional actress. She has extensive acting and singing experience. She can portray Cinderella, The little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Pinkalicious, Green Fairy, Fancy Nancy, Pop Star and many others.
Princess Brittney is a professional actress. She has extensive acting and singing experience, and has worked for and has been trained to be a princess by Disney Cruise Line. She has played Snow White and Cinderella in their shows.
Princess Stefani is studying to be a child psychiatrist and loves to sing and perform on her spare time.  She can perform as Cinderellla, Snow White, Rapunzel and many more...
Princess Jackie is professional dancer and USA cheerleader. She can performer as the little mermaid, sleeping beauty and many more.... 
Princess Omaris is back!  She can perform as the frog princess, The Indian Princess and The Arabian Princess. 
Princess Marisa is a dance student and can perform as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Mermaid, Rapunzel, Snow White and many more..
Princess Gina is an elementary education graduate & a pre-school teacher. She Participates in musical theatre in her spare time. She can perform as Belle, Alice & many more.
Princess Kathleen is a college student and can perform as Belle, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and many more.
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Princess Sarah L. is a professional actress. She has extensive acting and singing experience. She can portray Cinderella, The little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Pinkalicious, Green Fairy, Fancy Nancy, Pop Star and many others. 
Princess Alison is a singer and a dancer and can perform our Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Cinderella and many more. 
Princess Melissa is a special education teacher and can perform as Alice, Snow Queen and Princess, Mermaid, Snow White and many others.
Princess Megan is a college student seeking a degree in Theatre and has been working with children all her life. She can perform as the Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Ariel and many more.
Our Princess Justine (far left), Breanna (blonde in the middle) and Catherine M (far right) have not had the opportunity to have a professional photo shoot but can play of the popular princesses.